Last Thursday, November the 23rd, the documentary “Unbreakable Children. I am waiting” from Productions was screened In the YMCA Thessaloniki in the context of the program “Brotherhood of Cultures”, financed by YMCA Europe.

The documentary shed light on the devastating impact of war on children, both those living in Ukraine and those who have been displaced. It featured interviews with various children, giving them a platform to share their experiences and emotions.

During the discussion session, the audience actively participated, engaging in open questions and sharing their own thoughts and ideas. The exchange of ideas was enlightening and thought-provoking.

One notable contribution came from Mr. Lunov (PhD in Psychology), who shared chilling information about children being stolen from Ukraine. This revelation was alarming and highlighted the complex and tragic consequences of war.

Additionally, the words of Consul Dr. Yevhen Shkyyra left a lasting impression. He provided the audience with interesting data and shared his personal experiences and conversations with Ukrainian children over the past two years. His reflections added depth to the discussion and further emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of children affected by war.

Overall, the documentary screening and subsequent discussion provided a platform for awareness and understanding of the impact of war on children. It highlighted the need for continued efforts to protect and support these young individuals who have been deeply scarred by the conflict.