Our ILC continues to work with more enthusiasm than ever.

  • The “Conversational Coffees” program has picked up cruising speed, with two groups of students and volunteers, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. It has only been canceled due to the strike on November the 9th and a scheduled excursion. The evaluation we made of the sessions shows us a high degree of satisfaction, both on the part of the students and the volunteers. Within the context of this program, on November 22, an awareness-raising activity on the prevention of gender violence was organized together with the NGO DIOTIMA.
  • This summer many of our beneficiaries participated as extras in the movie “teen soldier” with Robert de Niro, James Foxx and Scott Eatswood. They even stayed a month in a hotel in Drama as real stars! After this experience, we were glad to recently receive a call from the same producer. This time they were looking for extras for a film being shot in Thessaloniki directed by Martin Campbell and starring Eva Green. Again, we identified among our students (and colleagues), those who fit the requested profile, and the past few days have had endless shooting sessions.
  • In addition, on the 29th November, in collaboration with the city council and within the framework of the “Actions for the enhancement of ecological awareness and volunteerism in the urban environment” program, an activity to clean up two gardens in western Thessaloniki was organized. Several actors participated in the activity, specificly, students from the Intercultural Lyceum of Thessaloniki, beneficiaries from the IOM Shelter for Unaccompanied Minors in Thessaloniki, as well students from our ILC. Our students joined the group, offering their work in a selfless and altruistic way to clean up two areas of the city.

We hope to end the year with the same level of participation and good mood. Thank you all!