Thanks to the “Brotherhood of Cultures” program, funded by YMCA Europe and implemented by YMCA Thessaloniki, a group of 46 people of Ukrainian origin were able to enjoy a unique excursion to Meteora, in Central Greece.

The program aims to foster mutual understanding and respect between different cultures, and the excursion to Meteora was an excellent opportunity for our Ukrainian beneficiaries to learn more about Greek culture and history. The excursion included visits to the Barlaam and Rousanou monasteries, built on spectacular rock walls that left visitors breathless.

The guide in charge of the tour explained Greek history, mythology and culture throughout the journey, and visitors were fascinated to learn more about the civilization of Greece. The monasteries are sacred and magical places that offer a spectacular view of the landscape, and they were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the place while learning about their cultural heritage.

After the tours, the group headed to a local tavern to enjoy authentic Greek food and the hospitality of the locals. The good weather and happy atmosphere made the meal even more enjoyable.

In short, the excursion to Meteora was a unique and unforgettable experience for the entire group.