‘’ Christmas Around the world’’ was the title of the Christmas concert, which yesterday ,12 of December , took place in the ‘’Avlaia’’ theatre and filled with music, songs and lyrics wishing good luck and prosperity. Carols from the Greek music tradition, especially from Thrace, Crete, Rhodes, Kefalonia, Patmos, Samos, the Marmara Sea and Pontos were sang by the chorus of Y.M.C.A , Procopius of Macedonia Thrace “Saint John the Russian “, the” St. Fire “Church. Anthems and wishes of the Western tradition were attributed by the choruses of Didymoteichon and Cantus Arte. A sweet music serenity harmonized with the Christmas spirit and invaded the souls of all the attendants.

Eighteen refugees from Syria sitting in the second row of the theater, also watched the event. These are four families, whose children attend sports and artistic activities in the Y.M.C.A- Thesssaloniki through the REACT programme. With both the intent to transmit the Christmas atmosphere of the days, and to make them familiar with the greek tradition through music, songs and dance, we welcomed them hoping that the pain of uprooting will sweeten through music.

Once they entered the hall their faces took a strange glow. The feeling that they enjoy our culture dominated their face, movements and smile. I was impressed by the children’s discipline throughout the two-hour programme of the event. Probably it’s not only discipline. Obviously, it is the magic of music, which has always the same power to calm down the senses, relieve and ease the pain of all people regardless of the race, color or religion. Yesterday, the magic of Christmas music overcame the religious commitment.


The ladies with the tradional hijab were watching with watery eyes, fathers were taking photos and as for the children …? They were absolutely stunned! Their eyes and mouths were throughout the programme wide open. Sometimes only their hands were moving following the rhythm of the music and the conductor’s movements.


How different is it really? what a wonderful sense…, when the Christmas music becomes a religiοn ‘’bridge’’ .. and
in the end the Syrians refugees croon … “Ave Maria” !

Anna Magdalini Argyri