On Saturday, December the 3rd, the main building of Y.M.C.A-Thessaliniki flooded with fragrances, flavors and music. The warm red wine, elves, Santa Claus and white sugar from the sweets touched off the festive spirit in the square of YMCA. Among the Christmas ornaments, the Christmas tree and balls, right next to the information desk , there was a table with sweet and savory treats from Syria. Two moms from Syria, benefiting from the REACT programme, with their white hijab, smile and good mood, offered a sample of the culinary landscape of the East.

If someone observed families from a corner, he would have seen their evident enthusiasm every time someone responded to a treat. He would also have conceived their original good mood with which they participated in the musical events, their warm applause in the band, the games of their small children with the animators and actors.

Every time we get to the same conclusion concerning their sociability and their receptiveness to anything nice provided to them . Today they felt part of our celebration.

Anna Magdalini Argyri