The closing party of the Brotherhood of Cultures program, funded by YMCA Europe and implemented by YMCA Thessaloniki, was a grand celebration on the last day of autumn. The event featured outstanding performances by the YMCA Thessaloniki and Ukranian- Kalyna choirs, led by the talented teachers Michalis Anastasiou and Irena Krajczyk. Guests enjoyed a delightful evening filled with the distribution of prizes, delectable food, and refreshing drinks.

The atmosphere of the party was truly unforgettable, reflecting the success of the program. Throughout the duration of the program, we were fortunate enough to embark on two exciting excursions, provide 10 dance scholarships to deserving individuals, facilitate numerous language classes with the help of our dedicated volunteers, and organize various events both within and outside of YMCA Thessaloniki.

We are proud to announce that many of these enriching activities will continue even after the program’s conclusion, allowing us to extend the impact and benefits to a wider audience. As the coordinator of the program, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers and the Greek-Ukrainian initiative for their remarkable collaboration, harmony, and conducive work environment. Your efforts have contributed immensely to the success and positive outcomes of the Brotherhood of Cultures program, and we look forward to further strengthening our bonds and fostering cultural exchange in the future.