On Thursday, December the 22nd, a Christmas concert with the State Orchestra Of Thessaloniki was held in Y.M.C.A’s athletic center.

Our three invited families, full of excitement and agony, holding their tickets in their hands awaited impatiently to enter the hall. The little kids, after sitting in their assigned seats, looked around them to check out the hall. I saw their eyes sparkle when they saw the different instruments on stage. One particular instrument grabbed their attention: the majestic harp. They were so amazed by it that they began asking questions about it.


As soon as the show began, they became silent watching with amazement this magical event. The voice of the soprano, metzo soprano and the choir charmed them, while the melodies coming out from the instruments took them to another world, a world full of peace and happiness I suppose. Some of them even started imitating the musicians’ and maestro’s movement, and at the end of each musical piece they would give the orchestra a big round of applause. No one wanted this night to come to an end.


Leaving the hall, I tried to get as much impressions as I could from our beloved guests. Mr. Mamo, Farida and Jamil’s father said: “thank you so much for this invitation, I really love and admire this type of events”. Fourteen-year-old Mohamed told me he is now more determined to learn how to play the piano. As for Mrs. Qasem she was so thankful and said it was a lovely concert and that the musicians and singers did a great job.

Another Christmas event comes to an end. But this is not the end of our adventures. Stay tuned. Merry Christmas everyone.


                   Alexandra Kalash