UNHCR with the European Union contribution will continue support and this year vulnerable seeking asylum and relocation to another European country. The main aim is to ensure a decent livelihood, with respect to human rights and their progressive integration into the Greek and european culture. On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 signed the extension of the program R.E.A.C.T ( Refugee Assistance Collaboration in Thessaloniki) implemented led by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and other nine partners. In this context the Y.M.C.A – Thessaloniki as a member of that partnership, provides sport activities and handicraft, theatre and generally creative  occupation to the  refugee children  beneficiated  by the R.E.A.C.T  program.

At the press conference held at City Hall, attended by the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece, Leclerc, the Deputy Mayor of Social Affairs and Solidarity, Calypso Goula, The Naples – Sykies Mayor , Simos Daniilidis and The Mayor of Kalamaria, Theodosis Bakoglidis. On behalf of Y.M.C.A- Thessaloniki attended by the First vice Chairman of the Board Counsil Mr. Gavrielides Paris, who among other things said that “the smile of refugee children received social scientists of the program and volunteers of YMCA each time ending sporting or artistic activities, are the best indication of the positive impact of our program in their tortured souls (children and parents). “He continued” The YMCA of Thessaloniki has the intention  to expand its cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, UNHCR and other social actors for programs and actions regarding the refugees”.

For more information: http://www.thessaloniki.gr/portal/page/portal/DimosThessalonikis/Tab2