It has been several days since we last saw the first group of children, and we have missed them already. I cannot hide my joy when I meet them, watching them run with a big smile in our lap. They started attending the Greek school and we are proud and happy about this progress, but their absence is noticeable.

It is 11:00p.m., October the 5 th , and the day is Wednesday and we are looking forward to meeting them. Although their day began by visiting doctors to get vaccinated, the day goes on with surprises and awesome activities. Our meeting point was set at a large shop with school and technology products. Children came into the shop and observed every item with their eyes wide open and full of enthusiasm. We visited the floor with school supplies, so that we can pick all the necessary things they need. At first, they were cautious and timid, finding it hard to choose what they wanted but with our guidance and encouragement they finally came to a choice that they liked and that was useful for school. Their faces were filled with joy, smiles and satisfaction.

With their basket full we went to the cashier in order to buy them. Their kindness and gratitude was obvious.

Happy and holding the shopping bags in our hands we continued our walk in the city. The routes we followed are in the city center, we took pictures, we sung and we head to Navarinou Park in order to play. There we found a fountain, where we played with the water, chasing each other, laughing out loud and having lots of fun. After that we visited the playground, where they ran to the swings and the slide, meeting and interacting with other children. Pleasure and happiness were painted on their faces, carefree and beautiful moments and memories printed in their own book of life.

After playing games, teasing and laughing comes the time to say goodbye to the children. It was an awkward time and filled with emotions, where we said goodbye with wishes and hugs and with hope that we will meet again soon.

Myrto Stagkou