Author: Anna Magdalini Argyri

climb a little higher?

  The White Tower is considered to be the symbol of Thessaloniki. The dominant and elegant monument of the harbor was the subject of discussion, painting and play this morning. With an easel, colors, twenty children from Syria and their parents we stood beneath the outerly White , calm and simple Tower. We unleashed the tangle of its story and we saw how much simplicity and elegance it presents externally , so harsh, turbulent and bloody past hides.   We also explained its structural elements, the architectural form drawing the easel’s paper and playing quittar. Following we entered in...

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YMCA hosts refugees at Nymfaio

Friday 8:30pm in the morning. Families are already in front of the YMCA’s central gate. A mom holds in her arms the little newborn baby. All women are smiling, groomed, wearing colored hijab. Men are smiling but still restrained. Children obviously impatient to start our trip !! Οur destination? Nymfaio. !!! We had notified the families to get dressed in warm clothes. According to forecasts at Nymfaio will snow, even though the trees clothed with white flowers and the hand of good April lit poppies like candles! We should to be prepared for walking. This time the refugees will...

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Women’s Issues

The woman is the one that usually organizes and supports home economics. She will take care of the food, the kids and their clothes. She will keep things together at difficult times and she will cope with everything in the best possible way so that things will go on as usual before misery drives her to moral and domestic paralysis. Every woman, though, needs the luxury to be taken care through healthy (strong) interpersonal relationships. She needs to be with her friends so as to list all of her problems and by discussing about them to find out that...

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Sometimes the word “ thank you” could be so disarming

  Henry sat for hours , watching the other kids in the swimming pool several days . Sometimes thoughtfully, other stuffy. Dimitris Chrysafis often sat with him explaining the process to a swimming lesson. It is early March, we set up a small exhibition at the area of  “Atrium” with the paintings and handicraft works of the refugee children beneficiaries  of RE.AC.T. Henry comes daily in lessons and participates in setting up the exhibition .. Thus, he had the opportunity to be lost..watching the pool …! Henry ;;;;; Again you see the swimming ;;; Come with us we need...

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Book presentation event

Yesterday the 1st of March 2017, in the frame of awareness of the local community concerning the refugee issues, YMCA of Thessaloniki organized a Book presentation event. Actually the book, which presented by Th. Komnis, and Th. Sidiropoulos bears the title: “What’s your God name?” written by Anna Selidou , and published by “PIGI” editions. The event took place in the beautiful “Atrium” at YMCA-Thessaloniki under heartwarming and emotional atmosphere. The event included exhibition with the painting works and photos of our actions associated with the creative occupation of refugees, benefited by the R.E.A.C.T program. A lot of fellow...

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