Author: Anna Magdalini Argyri

The Arab world meets the game of Roman soldiers and centurions

Afternoon.  11th of October. Syrian children are asked to solve the mystery. In the field of the Roman Agora, where the roman people, the administration, the politicians and the economists of the roman era coexisted, there is a hidden information written in the Arabic language…! Children, benefactors from the REACT program, after looking carefully at various points of the site, discovered that a musical performance will take place at the Odeon of the Agora. We moved to Odeon’s site, where children and parents through a game of questioning prepared by the guides met the operation and use of space....

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Enjoying the autumn colors from the back of the horses

       Last Friday of September. The weather was cloudy and sweet. Following the conviction that “the better place to heal a broken heart is a horseback” our destination   was   set a farm in the area of Lefkochori at Serres. Sixty refugees beneficiaries of REACT, children and parents, REACT staff, and YMCA Volunteers Claire and Maria Vouchara, arrived to a fairytale farm, sited  in a scenery that reminds a Saloon  that came out of a Western movie. The children had the opportunity to see the domestic animals, tried the art of archery and enjoyed the autumn colors from above, from...

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Seeking for Dionysus

They touched Dionysus, recognized Ariadne on the marble-carved figures, walked among the funerary monuments and then they admired the well arranged roman house with the mosaic floors. Following, they were really dazzled in front of the golden glow of the Dervenian crater and the golden macedonian wreaths. They standed in awe in front of the two-meter marble statues of the gods and …without further words, forty refugees from Syria came into contact with the culture that they will meet in the pictures of the school books , facades of the  higher education  Institutions and Museums across Europe. Thirty refugees,...

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101 refugees at YMCA’S Mountainous Training Center of Nymfaio

     It is really beautiful to live the everyday life of  arabic  people. People who are afflicted and seduced by the “refugee path” bring with them their unique and inalienable property, which is their history and culture. YMCA achieved to combine the Arabic culture with the strong Greek tradition of Nymfaio village. The result is the Humanity, as it dictates the YMCA of Thessaloniki spirit. 101 Syrian refugees beneficiaries of the REACT program followed the staff of YMCA of Thessaloniki, professional executives and volunteers on a wonderful and unique journey. Our destination was the traditional village of Nymfaio at...

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climb a little higher?

  The White Tower is considered to be the symbol of Thessaloniki. The dominant and elegant monument of the harbor was the subject of discussion, painting and play this morning. With an easel, colors, twenty children from Syria and their parents we stood beneath the outerly White , calm and simple Tower. We unleashed the tangle of its story and we saw how much simplicity and elegance it presents externally , so harsh, turbulent and bloody past hides.   We also explained its structural elements, the architectural form drawing the easel’s paper and playing quittar. Following we entered in...

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