Author: Anna Magdalini Argyri

Refugee kids meet the engraving art

There are several days when the “Atrium”café  at YMCA hosts the exhibition of Engraving works by Vassilis Karkatselis, under the title: “Thessaloniki of travelers”. Yesterday 29.11. The REACT children, over 8 years of age, guided at the exhibition, put on cops, rolls and inks, and engraved their own pattern by knowing the engraving art through the philosophy of style of Vasilis Kartatselis. It’s already late. The night is coming down but.., the Kids want more …! Anna Magdalini...

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I love nature … “like the salt”

Refugees love nature. They observe through the telescope’s eye the perfect accurate flying of a hawk and the calm movement of the flamingos establishing the conviction  that nature is the best coach. Where join the river Axios, Loudias and Aliakmon are formed lagoons, consisting one of the largest wetland systems in the country. There today we arrived and talked about  the migratory birds, walking on the shores of the lake and we visited the observatory of Agathoupolis. The sun had cleared the atmosphere and the view through the telescope’s eye was satisfactory. Hundreds of green-headed ducks, pelicans, storks, and...

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A magic world

On the first afternoon of November, we were in the magic world of NOESIS center. We played with our shadows, with the light reflection, the gravity. We also saw how Ptolemy’s astrolabe works and we walked among the planets measuring our weight. Indeed, the magic space of the inventive machines and toys at the Technology Museum kept the interest not only for our little friends but also for our parents. For REACT staff, but also for our YMCA volunteers, it was difficult to gather both parents and children, when the time for departure arrived. After a hot snack, it...

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A trip to the devout glamor of the Byzantine Empire

The building of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, work of the architect Kyriakos Krokos, one of the most important samples of the modern architecture, yesterday became “the Byzantine castle” for refugees from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Through the exhibits, refugees and their parents, benefactors from REACT program, came in contact with the  everyday life at home, public life, fortified art, burial customs as they were born in the most important center of the European part of the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki,  and in the wider Macedonian region. It was already 14:00 at midday, time of relaxation and rest for adult...

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The Arab world meets the game of Roman soldiers and centurions

Afternoon.  11th of October. Syrian children are asked to solve the mystery. In the field of the Roman Agora, where the roman people, the administration, the politicians and the economists of the roman era coexisted, there is a hidden information written in the Arabic language…! Children, benefactors from the REACT program, after looking carefully at various points of the site, discovered that a musical performance will take place at the Odeon of the Agora. We moved to Odeon’s site, where children and parents through a game of questioning prepared by the guides met the operation and use of space....

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