Author: Anna Magdalini Argyri

Refugees learn bookbinding

On February 2, 16 and 23 we visited the Ladadika neighborhood, where children enjoyed bookbinding workshop. In the frame of that project children came in contact with the bookbinder profession, the workshop atmosphere of the old building and the bookbinding art and technique. children worked creatively using saw, glue, string, binding cloth, press etc.Through this activity YMCA of Thessaloniki gave the basic stimuli concerning a traditional old profession that has been familiar to the arabic culture.             Anna Magdalini Argyri...

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refugees and Avant-Guarde

   On February 9, we visited the State Museum of Contemporary Art.  Thirty five refugees, children and their parents from Afganistan, Syria and Iraq attended an educational session for the the Russian Avant-garde, through the “Costakis collection”. Refugees enjoyed the experiential tour, learning the artistic evolution from 1900 to 1930 that was shaped in Russia.  The REACT beneficiaries in an interactive educative way were aware of how the pattern and color reflect the rejection of past artistic conventions and search for innovation. Refugees conceived positively the knowledge of the manner through which art expressed the popular desire for social...

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refugees in front of stalactites and stalagmites formations

The React team of YMCA of Thessaloniki organized in 25/1/2018 a visit and  tour in the cave of Petralona in Chalkidiki. In the frame of that activity children and their parents visited firstly the anthropological museum, with the most ancient (700.000 years old) human skull and a lot remnants of animal bones transformed into tools. Afterwards, they visited the interior of the Cave, they learned about the cave history and the conditions that formed the cave environment.Refugees   enjoyed the specific ornamented atmosphere, walking among the stalagmites and stalactites formations in the impressive ambient.    Following the beneficiaries enjoyed a...

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International Migrants Day at YMCA of Thessaloniki

130 refugees were invited at the “Atrium cafe ” of YMCA celebrating the International Migrants Day in  a 2017 farewell event, enjoying arabic  food, oriental music, face painting, balloon games, magic tricks, and offering gifts to all children and families. The event was framed by the photographic exhibition under the tittle “on the mid-road ” by art photographer Yiannis Grivas, who depicted moments from the daily life of the refugees at Diavata camp and apartments of REACT. Beneficiaries enjoyed a film presenting moments of our  activities that took place all the 2017 year. Anna Magdalini...

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Refugee kids meet the engraving art

There are several days when the “Atrium”café  at YMCA hosts the exhibition of Engraving works by Vassilis Karkatselis, under the title: “Thessaloniki of travelers”. Yesterday 29.11. The REACT children, over 8 years of age, guided at the exhibition, put on cops, rolls and inks, and engraved their own pattern by knowing the engraving art through the philosophy of style of Vasilis Kartatselis. It’s already late. The night is coming down but.., the Kids want more …! Anna Magdalini...

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