Ouphoto-9-12-16-15-36-29r first children finally left Greece. It was the end of an era for the  REACT program and the beginning of a new one. Other children  filled with laughter the halls of YMCA. But all of us  had a concern, are we going to love them and be loved the same way with the first?Αre they going to be so dative and polite and will the communication be the same as before?
By our first meeting and watching these new smiles, our barriers been overcome immediately. The kids were even more dative, more receptive to anything new and positively surprised us. Their parents let us know that they don’t need more food now but education. And that was what we started to offer in combination with true love. Now we are pretty sure that we will have a special and unique place in our heart for anyone will join our family in YMCA.

Ismini Grigoriadou