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Two months full of actions

A child from 5 to 10 years old in a typical Greek school from September until now has gone to a day trip, a theatrical performance, and one or two visits to a museum or a theme park. Children beneficiaries of REACT YMCA, at the same age, in the same time, here in YMCA, we managed to have the same activities, the same stimuli. Within two months the children visited a theatrical performance (Peter Pan), three field trips to a Museum (Archaeological, Byzantine, Ancient Agora), a day trip to animal farm (Ziogas Farm), and an educational excursion in NOESIS....

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A desperately needed peace

The borders between Greece and Central Europe were still open about two years ago when refugees streaming from the middle eastern battlefields after a harrowing journey by lanel and sea ended on the Greek islands and mainland. As long as  we see bodies like that of little Alan, who was drowned with the rest of his family and was washed away by the waves-we will be aware of the hardships and the losses of Syrian refugees and other migrants and of their efforts to reach a safe land… Today some 60.000 asylum seekers are trapped here in a country already on the verge of economic collapse. Essential  life requirements could not be provided on time through back of  planning and this caused conditions of a miserable stay to the newcomers. The EU recognizing Greece’s burden has pledged to take a large number of refugees and migrants and to follow the EU-Turkey treaty rules. However, some of the European allies have closed their borders and refuse to take refugees(e.g. Estonia has accepted 89refugees to date!). Poland, Austria , Denmark and the Baltic states are examples of corewhies which have built walks against the entry of refugees. The changer in Europe like the election during 1917 in Germany and France the Brexit and the rise of four-right activist  groups create a grim forecast and keep refugees in limbo. Besides, the tensions...

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Obstacles in the way

  We have now a new more powerful team. We have better equipment and much more eager to learn and educate the children refugee. But we also have a new obstacle in our way. Refugees don’t receive anymore a free card for transportation. And they don’t want to pay money for this reason. We must deal with something new to us, how to convince them bring their children to YMCA and let us entertain and educate them. For that reason we gathered them and talk about the benefits of their children, the integration, the entertainment and their introduction to...

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The end and the beginning of an era

Our first children finally left Greece. It was the end of an era for the  REACT program and the beginning of a new one. Other children  filled with laughter the halls of YMCA. But all of us  had a concern, are we going to love them and be loved the same way with the first?Αre they going to be so dative and polite and will the communication be the same as before? By our first meeting and watching these new smiles, our barriers been overcome immediately. The kids were even more dative, more receptive to anything new and positively surprised...

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