The YMCA Thessaloniki is an organization founded on the value of volunteerism. If there is a principle that is at the root of the organization, it is the promotion of volunteering in each and every one of its programs.

I still remember when I started working at the YMCA, and the president of the Board of Directors at that time (Mr. Sossidis) told me, looking me in the eye, that my job was the search and implementation of refugee programs, but that my success would also be measured by the ability to mobilize volunteers for those programs.

This month two activities based on the free contribution of citizens have begun. Activities conducted by aware people who want to build a better world.

One of the activities is the basic computer course. Two groups have been formed, the first receives classes on Mondays, and the second group on Wednesdays.

We have named the second activity “Conversational Coffee”. Our students meet once a week with volunteers with whom they practice the Greek they have learned through fun activities and games.

To finish, I want to share with you an inspiring quote related to the role we want to play in front of our peers.

You can easily judge a man’s character by how he treats those who can do nothing for him” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.