The White Tower is considered to be the symbol of Thessaloniki. The dominant and elegant monument of the harbor was the subject of discussion, painting and play this morning. With an easel, colors, twenty children from Syria and their parents we stood beneath the outerly White , calm and simple Tower. We unleashed the tangle of its story and we saw how much simplicity and elegance it presents externally , so harsh, turbulent and bloody past hides.


We also explained its structural elements, the architectural form drawing the easel’s paper and playing quittar. Following we entered in the interior! All the history of the city is articulated on six floors!

We saw the city from above, from the roof of the 5th floor. The black, beautiful eyes of the children embraced the whole city.., the harbor, the passing people.. All they want…is to climb a little higher!

Anna Magdalini Argyri