The building of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, work of the architect Kyriakos Krokos, one of the most important samples of the modern architecture, yesterday became “the Byzantine castle” for refugees from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Through the exhibits, refugees and their parents, benefactors from REACT program, came in contact with the  everyday life at home, public life, fortified art, burial customs as they were born in the most important center of the European part of the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki,  and in the wider Macedonian region.
It was already 14:00 at midday, time of relaxation and rest for adult refugees. However, a mother was keeping in her arms the little sleeping girl, because she wants to follow the Byzantine history of the city.

Two other mothers, somewhere in the 8th month of pregnancy they indicated patience and courage to stay with us  hall to hall, because their older children have been enchanted by the Byzantine devout splendor that is remarkably presented by Basil and Vaso of Dot2Dot.

Finally, it should be noted that this was the first time that refugees from Afghanistan follow us to an educative journey. This was the first time that our action has been double interpreted, Arabic and Farsi. Families from Afghanistan, with teenagers and young children, enjoyed the Byzantine splendor, and YMCA of Thessaloniki gradually builds the conviction in their consciousness that the knowledge consists power. It can be easily carried on the road. it can never be deprived by war.

Anna Magdalini Argyri