On the first afternoon of November, we were in the magic world of NOESIS center. We played with our shadows, with the light reflection, the gravity. We also saw how Ptolemy’s astrolabe works and we walked among the planets measuring our weight.

Indeed, the magic space of the inventive machines and toys at the Technology Museum kept the interest not only for our little friends but also for our parents. For REACT staff, but also for our YMCA volunteers, it was difficult to gather both parents and children, when the time for departure arrived.

After a hot snack, it was the time for visiting the planetarium. The screening took place in Academic Arabic language. The mobile phones switched off, the lights were low and the child’s voices were silent. Then the Tholos was filled with stars, comets, galaxies, and refugees experienced the magic of discovery and science.

Mustafa was sitting beside me: “How do we know all this?”

“Through the knowledge Mustafa. With study and science we reached  there. ”


Finally … we read together the words of Karl Benz:

“The love of inventing never dies”

Anna Magdalini Argyri