Do you know where the photograph was taken??

It is the monument of the Rotunda of Galerius, one of the most fascinating in the city, built in the year 306.

The wonderful people who appear in the photograph are our students, who last April the 11th visited the Thessaloniki of Galerius, as well as the White Tower. It was the second excursion within the program of classes that they receive. In the first, they visited the Archaeological Museum and other places of cultural interest. The guide explained the history of the city and the students showed great interest and asked many questions about the historical past of the city in which they live.

In times of pandemic, these visits were carried out virtually. But nothing compared to a real excursion, with the sandwich prepared, and the company of classmates and guide, to enjoy what this city has to offer.

Soon it will be the turn of the new students who started on March to go on a trip. It is one of the activities that they enjoy the most, and one that we are not going to give up in any way!