On the 18th March 2022, a graduation party was held at the Integration Learning Center (ILC) – YMCA, which operates within the HELIOS-IOM program.
It is not easy for our students to complete the 360 ​​hours of the program (280 hours of Greek language and 80 hours of soft skills courses).

The courses are a wonderful opportunity to learn not only the Greek language, but also different aspects about the culture and life in the host country. Despite all these benefits, it is difficult to attend the courses, because most beneficiaries feel that their priority is the immediate search for a job, while at the same time they have to deal with the adjustment of school-age children, to solve housing issues, and health or bureaucracy problems. In all these processes, the HELIOS program offers valuable advice and assistance.

To the difficulties mentioned above, we must add the effect of the pandemic, which forced them to connect to classes via mobile phone, often with a weak internet connection, and often with the only device available for the whole family. Of course, the importance and value of attending courses under these conditions is multiplied.

The Graduation Certificate was awarded to 11 of our students, 3 from Afghanistan, 3 from Iraq, one from Turkey, one from Guinea, one from Burundi, one from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one from Sierra Leone. One of the graduates, Ndikumana Majaliwa from Burundi, told us “Thank you very much for the party, which is so well prepared. I am very excited to receive this diploma today. I want to thank you all for your work. In particular, I want to thank my teacher, Anna, who is an excellent teacher, for everything she taught me and for the way she did it. ”