Exciting news! 🎉 The Brotherhood of Cultures program, funded by YMCA Europe, has awarded 10 scholarships for dance courses. It’s an amazing opportunity to explore and learn different dance styles! 💃🕺

The lucky beneficiaries of these scholarships, all of them Ukrainians, are between the ages of 16 and 55, which shows that the love of dance has no age limits or borders. They are excited to immerse themselves in a wide variety of styles, from Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances to traditional Greek dances, Ballet, modern Jazz, reggaeton, salsa, bachata and contemporary. Diversity and creativity will be present in each class!

Classes will begin in the month of October, and it will undoubtedly be a month full of energy, passion and discovery for these talented Ukrainian dancers. We are confident that you will immerse yourself in a rich learning environment and connect with people passionate about dance from different cultures and backgrounds.

Congratulations to all the Ukrainian scholarship recipients and we wish you the best of success in this new dance adventure! 🌟 Stay tuned, because they will surely surprise us with their talent and dedication. To dance has been said! 💃🎶🕺