YMCA Thessaloniki is partner at REACT program since 2016. Responding to modern needs and always having as its central axis young people and their needs, with respect for diversity, YMCA Thessaloniki always aims to support beneficiaries of REACT program in a variety of ways. In this context, it subsidized the participation of three teenagers in a vocational guidance seminar, with the aim of smooth social inclusion, cultivation of soft skills and enhancement of skills useful for their later professional profile.

E-ThesSummerSchool took place on December 28-30, 2020, as a “distance variant” of the successful summer business school ThesSummerSchool, which is organized for the last six years at the University of Macedonia. During the webinar, teenagers listened to the experiences of prominent entrepreneurs, met and collaborated with other people of their age in a supportive and encouraging environment. They have learned to recognize opportunities and to be able to develop their own business initiatives, skills that they will find useful throughout their lives.



Sana, Sakila and Mustafa participated in the seminar. They received an electronic certificate of attendance by the University of Macedonia, so that they can use it in their CV and ensured the ability to communicate with all teachers, even after the end of the program, on any topic that concerns them (lifelong mentoring).