Author: Chara Argyroudi

… And we all said “see you soon” instead of “goodbye”…- Timeline of a visit

Voluntary project for refugees by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and YMCA Thessaloniki It was late October, when I received Ivy’s first e-mail (back then she was Mrs. Wong for me), after getting contact with Mrs. Kalivatsi, the Programme Secretary for refugee assistance of YMCA World. From the very beginning, we saw the will of a team who really wanted to visit Thessaloniki and get to know the refugee crisis and the work of YMCA Thessaloniki regarding this issue. I was delighted to hear from Mrs. Tzoni that this is the second time we welcome visitors from Hong Kong (the...

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  On September 8, 35 beneficiaries of the program “Summer Activities for Refugees” of the Department of Social Action visited the YMCA Basketball Museum. The children had the opportunity to get to know the Basketball world, watch the preparation of the YMCA Basketball Team and get to know the players. The children were thrilled with the stadium, and they were especially interested in the cup collection. After the end of their training, the players donated basket balls to the children with their signatures and took pictures with them. The Summer Activities for Refugees was an educational recreation program. Every day,...

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A matter of language – a teacher’s experience

“What I would like to share from my experience during the Summer Activities for Refugees in YMCA of Thessaloniki, is about the issue of language. At first, the difficulty in communication makes you feel stressed and skeptical about what and if you have anything to offer in such a situation. You think you are not able to coordinate any activity but even when you do, you feel guilty about not being able to discuss about it and give children the space to express their selves and share their thoughts with you. When the interpreter is present, the situation is...

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Fist time volunteering for refugees

When I sent my application for volunteering to YMCA Thessaloniki, the least I expected was to work with refugees, as I was quite hesitant to work with them at first. But when YMCA replied asking me to join their program “Summer activities for refugees” with refugee children, being a psychology student, I had to see for myself, and I can tell you for sure I didn’t regret it at all. The people from YMCA seemed really excited at this program, and to be honest, they are the ones that introduced me to the following excitement and gave me motive...

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What is YMCA of Thessaloniki

YMCA Support for Refugees

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