5th of December is the International Volunteer Day mandated by the UN General Assembly. It is a unique chance to celebrate the efforts and shared values of organisations and individuals to promote social change and resilience to their communities.

Volunteers at DIA-drasis do a great work too… They provide assistance in many levels, from insignificant chores, creative ideas and decorations, pedagogical input and group feedback. We learn both-ways. A volunteer at DIA-drasis can be trained by our staff but can provide insight of their own too. We are an open group, respecting each other opinions and positions, sharing common values and aspirations for the program.

So, this day is dedicated to you, Eleni, Elena, Doris, Hara, Meropi, Melika and many others… On Friday afternoon all volunteers of DIA-drasis are welcome to join a learning circle!

See you all there!