On Friday, 30th of November, DIA-drasis visited the Folklore Museum at the Faculty of Philosophy of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Parents and children together, our teachers and volunteers, guided by our hosts experienced a throwback in time surrounded of the museum collections with traditional clothing, embroidery and needle-craft, weaving tapestries and textiles, silverware work, metal or wood craft, ceramics and pottery, music instruments and last but not least the traditional performing art, shadow theatre “Karagiozis”.

It was interesting to share experiences among different traditions from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria and Greece and realize how many things we have in common… We all enjoyed this intercultural exchange and we wish for more!

We appreciate the museum guide Chrysanthi Kallini and the Social Anthropology scientific group: Georgia Sarikoudi, Golfo Tserga, Triantafyllia Kavazidou, Christos Tsarouhidis and Eleni Gelani, because without their support this event would not have been possible. Above all, we would like to thank Prof. Georgios Angelopoulos for the honor to be with us during this visit, despite his limited time and the numerous responsibilities of his current position as the Head of Prime-minister’s Office in Thessaloniki.

Thank you ALL for being there!!!