The students and staff of the ILC/MDAT/ YMCA were thrilled to welcome 15 students from YMCA Hong Kong on Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5. During their visit, the students from YMCA Hong Kong took the time to share their talents and skills with our students. They taught them how to paint, make origami, and engage in other creative activities. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about different art forms and traditions from another part of the world.

One of the highlights of the visit was an interactive session organized by Dolores Tarrafeta on the issue of refugees. This session aimed to raise awareness about the challenges faced by refugees around the world and stimulate dialogue and discussion among the students. The session was met with a great deal of interest, and there were endless questions from our guests from YMCA Hong Kong. The program HELIOS was presented by Dolores Tarrafeta and Sofia Botsfari (IOM- Employability component).

Overall, the visit was a great success and a valuable learning experience for everyone involved. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to interact with people from another country, learn about their culture, and gain new perspectives on global issues. We look forward to future collaborations with YMCA Hong Kong and other organizations to continue fostering cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.


YMCA Thessaloniki in collaboration with MDAT SA, and the School of Modern Greek
Language of AUTH (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), is a partner of IOM Greece
(International Organization for Migration) in the implementation of the integration program
HELIOS Project, which has been funded by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum since 2022,
operating as one of the Integration & Learning Centers for Refugees in Thessaloniki.