First May days. The atmosphere is full of colors and perfumes of flowers. The  spring mood is reflected in our actions. At YMCA central building, The beneficiaries (RE.A.C.T) girls knit flowers with colored skins, ribbons, metal decorative elements to make necklaces and bracelets.

Girls from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria made their own jewelries as part of the creative workshops with the help of volunteer Katerina Malami. Girls love the jewelry workshop. It is known that the muslim religion typologica

ly imposes the clothing style.  The hijab even covers the ears. Jewelry, like makeup, consists the unique element through which girls could bring their personal style and elaborate their styling aesthetics.

Through that action, our beneficiaries had the opportunity to explore the possibility of combining materials, textures and colors, learning simultaneously the material availability in the local market for such creative constructions.

Anna Magdalini Argyri