Monday 19/12, the team of YMCA under R.E.A.C.T program visits the camp in Diavata. It’s been several months since summer but the relationships don’t fade and the children never forget. Arriving in the field, the coordinators were waiting for us along with families and children hosted there. Some of the children recognized us and ran to hug us, asking how long we were going to visit, if we would visit again and they interacted with us. Feelings of joy, surprise and suspense have swarmed the little ones. We headed to the area of ​​the school in order to greet us and so that we could offer the gift that we had prepared for them. With Christmas coming soon and knowing the serious deficiencies in school supplies, we decided to make a box containing the necessary school supplies needed for each student. The delivery of the present accompanied by musical framing of the Ladies of the Chorus of the YMCA and our favorite musicians who aroused young and elders. Santa Claus offered them chocolates and candies, the children were going to take a photo with him, Santa Claus was a familiar figure for them. Happy smiles and children’s voices filled in the area. Then they toured us in the field areas and we were informed about the development and reconstruction of the place while at the closure of the day’s action we attended the inauguration of the multipurpose space where young and old danced and were entertained under the melodic voices Ladies choir and musical instruments that accompanied them. Although many families have left the area as they have been relocated in homes or hotels, several remain. Familiar figures of children with wide smiles and gratitude on their faces dominated. We may have given to them material goods but they returned our offer with emotions and words. It was a day full of vitality, laughter, smiles, joy, fun and people got out of their routine. A pleasant touch to the repetitive routine. So, a well concerted and organized action of the YMCA gave wonderful moments of relaxation to people in need. It was a touching and rich in a rotation of emotions day that will remain indelible in my mind and in my heart.

Myrto Stagkou