Today is considered the first day after vernal equinox (for the northern hemisphere) and in different cultures holds a variety of meanings since ancient era. It is considered the first day of spring and in some cultures there were rituals or traditional celebrations of earth fertility…

 In Iranian peoples’ tradition it is celebrated as the first day of the New Year called Newroz or Nowroz in Kurdish. The origins of these celebrations go back to the Zoroastrianism! Newroz is considered the most important festival and is a time for entertainment such as games, dancing, family gathering, preparation of special foods, even the reading of poetry… of course, customs and traditions vary across regions (Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan, Turkish etc.).

For the Arab world 21st of March is not only the first day of spring but also Mother’s Day since the ’50s. It is day that mothers receive a card or a present and the family union is celebrated.

21st of March is called on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination since 1966 by UN commemorating the violent events against the apartheid in South Africa in 1960 and reminding the international community to support all efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination. Since the ’90s European Action Week Against Racism is organised these dates with various events in several countries.

Happy 21st March!!!