Yesterday the 1st of March 2017, in the frame of awareness of the local community concerning the refugee issues, YMCA of Thessaloniki organized a Book presentation event. Actually the book, which presented by Th. Komnis, and Th. Sidiropoulos bears the title: “What’s your God name?” written by Anna Selidou , and published by “PIGI” editions. The event took place in the beautiful “Atrium” at YMCA-Thessaloniki under heartwarming and emotional atmosphere. The event included exhibition with the painting works and photos of our actions associated with the creative occupation of refugees, benefited by the R.E.A.C.T program. A lot of fellow citizens had the opportunity to enjoy the event with two hours consummate storytelling, art music and images from the children who lost their country. In the event were present the General Director of the YMCA Chr. Trigonas, the member of YMCA -Thessaloniki – Board I. Voucharas, the responsible for Refugee issues of the YMCA – World L. Kalivatsi and member of the REACT team of YMCA-Thessaloniki Dimitris Chrysafis. To the organization of the event contributed the social scientists of React of YMCA – Thessaloniki Ismini Gregoriadou Giannis Tsiakmakis, Akram Elgof, Dimitris Chrysafis and Anna Argyri (responsible for the refugee issues of YMCA Thessaloniki.)From the side of volunteers of YMCA- Thessaloniki attended and contributed in the organization of the Event, Claire Vouchara.

Anna Argyri