The theater company TheatrAction presented the play of Aristophanes, “Peace” in front of hundreds of refugees in the Refugee Relocation Center in Diavata and the Accommodation Center in New Redestos on Thursday, August,25 and Sunday, September 11.

Children and adults embraced the show, laughed with the movements of the actors, listened to the different musical textures of the songs and the music of the show, touched the costumes of the actors and the sets of the show, read the program edited in Arabic by our partner and interpreter of the REACT program and in the end they said goodbye to us, running towards us with enthusiast happy voices during our departure from the Center.

This moment as well as the scene where a child refugee from Syria sought out our interpreter to say “Thank you for bringing us the theater”, all of us who were there will keep it deep inside our hearts.


The project, adapted and directed by Despina Saroglou, is a co-production of YMCA Thessaloniki and TheatrAction theater company. The directorial line taken by Mrs Saroglou with physical theater elements, music, puppets, masks and a summary of the work was translated into Arabic, enabled the participants to come closer to ancient Greek drama and Greek culture.

The YMCA as part of the actions for refugees «React For Life», gives this time the opportunity for residents in Refugee Hospitality Centers children and adults to experience Aristophanes, the great ancient Greek comic playwright, through a great and classic play, the "PEACE". Aristophanes not only mentions the suffering and devastation of war in his play but also points out the longing of man for a better life and brings out the greatness that a happy everyday moment can offer but also the value of the vision for a fairer and more humane world. Aristophanes manages, with his weapon of satire, a key ingredient of comedy, to talk about more serious issues such as punishment, war, alliances and warmongering but offers the viewer laugh, euphoria, optimism and hope.

The performance is part of the YMCA action for refugees «React For Life».

Moreover YMCA Thessaloniki is a partner in the REACT program, which is a project funded by UNHCR with lead partner the Municipality of Thessaloniki and is temporarily hosting refugees seeking asylum or relocation.