When someone arrives for the first time in the refugee camp is overwhelmed by emotions. Too many emotions. On the road he thinks all the difficulties that these people have passed and how strong they are, to be here, at this moment. At the entrance of the camp, one starts feeling sorry for the people who live there. He thinks that they could live in way better conditions. More emotions come up.

Entering , new feelings, but this time of joy and optimism come up. Dozens of children coming towards you merrily, with huge smiles, loud voices, big hugs. Most children have already forgotten the ordeal they came through until they settled here. They focus now on the present, the future and make plans, cheerful plans for their lives. They show love and trust to people from various organizations that are there to offer. And the children offer them generously their gratitude. They share their food, their paintings and especially their dreams with people, who until a few days ago did not know.

This is Diavata and obviously the rest of the refugee camps. Places full of emotions and dreams.

Ismini Grigoriadou