On Friday 22nd of February ΔΙΑ-ΔΡΑΣΙΣ: Παιδικό Κέντρο / DIA-drasis: Child Centre visited a unique thematic museum of Pontian Women’s Care Union (Μέριμνα Ποντίων Κυριών). Emeritus Professor of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Eleonora Skouteri-Didaskalou was responsible for the museology study and the permanent exhibition of the museum. One can find folklore and history interest in the museum exhibits and collection around Greek Pontian refugees in 1922 and more.

The exhibits triggered recollections of the past for the grown-ups discovering cultural contact points and opening a dialogue on common interests and occupations. The “little” visitors enjoyed the exhibits in other ways; they tried their skills in embroidery, they took a picture of themselves with traditional pontian clothes and followed “the stories of a colored thread” (activity booklet of the educational program of the museum)!

We would like to thank everyone involved in the realisation of this visit!