An exciting afternoon on Friday 1st of February… Parents and children met our teachers and volunteers at YMCA Thessaloniki and visited the HUB of eduACT for a workshop of educational robotics through LEGO constructions.

eduACT is a group of educators aiming to bring the education of the future in the here and now! They introduce the concept of innovation in education and talent discovering through creativity incentives. Inquiry learning, play and having fun can be combined to provide useful technical skills to the young learners.

The educators of eduACT welcomed all of us and introduced us to the subject that the children will work on… Children in small groups were working on their LEGO constructions following instructions through visual aids.

The results were amazing… children made their own fishing equipment! Then it was time to test their constructions… So, let’s go fishing!

Children have made a small pond with craft papers and some fish started to swim inside… Each group tried to fish as many as they could! And, as you know, the blue ones get more points! Fishing was not just a game… it was a competition! Some extra help was needed, so our young learners let also the parents to give a hand. Of course, the little ones beat out the grown-ups without any doubt!

We would like to thank the team of eduACT for this unique experience! Looking forward to more learning opportunities like this!