Last Friday of September. The weather was cloudy and sweet. Following the conviction that “the better place to heal a broken heart is a horseback” our destination   was   set a farm in the area of Lefkochori at Serres.

Sixty refugees beneficiaries of REACT, children and parents, REACT staff, and YMCA Volunteers Claire and Maria Vouchara, arrived to a fairytale farm, sited  in a scenery that reminds a Saloon  that came out of a Western movie. The children had the opportunity to see the domestic animals, tried the art of archery and enjoyed the autumn colors from above, from the back of the horses.
It is natural for children to play, to run, to enjoy nature, to embrace horses. What impressed us most is mothers. Initially, as it was expected, they enjoyed a hot coffee chatting, knitting and watching their children playing carelessly. But then … they all wanted a horse ride! They want a walk with horses!
A “different”’ and beautiful image, besides the usual ones, unfolded in front of us: Syrian mothers, over the hijabs, wore the helmets, renewed their makeup … and started a different walk by seeing nature from above. Following, there were the expected  jokes among them, laughter and photos.
Finally , after such activities, it  would be expected a picture of a lone cow boy singing as he moves away with the horse. On the contrary, our image is different. We are all together and …as the sun falls, Daham sings an old Greek song … in arabic .. “..see the flower of Amarantos”  

Anna Magdalini Argyri