Author: Aristi Tzoni

Voluntary project for Refugees by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and YMCA Thessaloniki

On Friday the 12th of January 2018, YMCA Thessaloniki is farewell the 15-member group of students from the University of YMCA Hong Kong, all social workers for refugees and immigrants who were guests of the YMCA Thessaloniki eight days. The purpose of their visit was to gain knowledge and experience about the refugee crisis and the contribution of YMCA Thessaloniki to this issue. The students had planned a well-organized program of activities appealing to the needs of refugee children living in refugee camps. The group of our visitors was accompanied by a team of YMCA Thessaloniki volunteers.  Dance, music,...

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15 days continuous offer by THE FOOD BANK of YMCA THESSALONIKI!

  The YMCA Thessaloniki family embraces all people without discrimination. We are grateful to LIDL HELLAS & SIA O.E. for supporting our work in its humanitarian dimension. THE FOOD BANK of YMCA Thessaloniki supported by LIDL HELLAS & SIA O.E. offered parcels of love to the refugee families participating through the REACT program and also supporting volunteers in its actions. 15 days of continuous offering by THE FOOD BANK of YMCA THESSALONIKI! The summer season of THE FOOD BANK action is completed with some photos from the distribution of love parcels to the refugee...

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