On Friday morning 22nd of March DIA-drasis early learners with their parents Anel HoneyPark. Everybody was excited! We got on the bus and our journey began!

Chrysa, an agriculturist and beekeeper, was our facilitator during the educational program and tour. She welcomed all of us with a great smile and warmth! We were smothered with the sweet smell of honey and so many surprises!!!

First of all, we learnt a lot about bees; where do they live and how many in a beehive, who is who in a beehive and how do they work, what is their role in nature and what they produce… It was so exciting to watch real bees while they are in a beehive making honey and so interesting to learn how humans extract honey and wax from the bees! 

The young learners were filled with energy by tasting natural honey with fresh yogurt and made their own heart-shaped candles with bee wax! Some parents also had the chance to help us pour the hot liquid wax in the molds…

Then, it was time to discover the world outside of the beehive! We smelled the fresh herbs and flowers that the bees taste, we fed the animals of the farm and experienced apitherapy!