11th of February is known as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science according to UN General Assembly since 2015. The aim is to promote women and girls in science, bridge the gap among gender representation in science and raise the issue of girls’ education and equal access. Marie Skłodowska-Curie, physicist and chemist, has been an inspiration for a lot of women in science, as she was the first woman to win Nobel Prize in 1903.

UNHCR Greece honoured this day to Fatheme Raoufi, a young woman asylum seeker from Iran, who works in YMCA Thessaloniki program ΔΙΑ-ΔΡΑΣΙΣ: Παιδικό Κέντρο / DIA-drasis: Child Centre as a cultural facilitator / teaching – childcare staff. Her experience with children on one hand, as she has been working in kindergarten in Iran, and her studies in engineering on the other hand, have enhanced in multi-levels our pedagogic process by inquiry-based learning and language skills development for farsi and kurdish speaking children that are enrolled in the program. Our future goal is to let Fatheme implement her own educational robotics workshops, since this a field of her expertise, once we manage to acquire the necessary equipment!

Fatheme is an inspiration for her colleagues and we wish for her to be an inspiration for all the young girls of DIA-drasis, as Marie Curie was for a lot of women in science!

To όνειρο της Fatheme ήταν να γίνει Ηλεκτρολόγος Μηχανικός. Όμως οι αντιρρήσεις των γονιών της και τα έμφυλα στερεότυπα…

Publiée par UNHCR GREECE sur Lundi 11 février 2019