On Friday 15th of February we had special guests invited at DIA-drasis! A Beauty, a beast and a narrator jumped out of fairyland and magically sneaked into DIA-drasis to bring into life the classic story! A theatre adaptation of the fairy tale with pantomime and puppet theatre techniques by the National Theatre of Northern Greece (NTNG) In this performance the typical tale of the beauty and the beast is treated as a parable of the need of anyone who has a difficulty in dealing with it more effectively, defeating it and getting out of this adventure stronger!

Αll of us -parents, children, teachers, volunteers of DΙΑ- drasis- enjoyed the story that unreeled before our eyes. Our heartfelt thanks to the National Theatre of Northern Greece for their support and especially to the people that made this happen: Anni Tsolakidou (director), Christos Brufas (costume designer) and of course the actors Eleni Giannousi, Angelos Nerantzis and Christos Ntaraktsis! Thanks to Irene Tyflopoulou too for arranging all the organisational details!

After the performance it was the time of the children to make their own puppets! Children chose the colors and materials they preferred and created a marotte. Then… it was show time! A mini stage was up and each child had the chance to use it! Parents was a supportive audience and the applause was the best we could get!

Looking forward to our next endeavor!