All the media are these days looking back. They remind us how, just a year ago, the country was forced to take measures against the pandemic that at that time seemed unimaginable. One of those included home confinement.
As a consequence of that lockdown situation, our ILC closed.
I do not hide from you that it was very frustrating for me to see how our doors were being closed just when we were ready and prepared to receive our first students.
Our team had worked hard and passionately and was excited to stat the first lessons. The classrooms were ready, the books still closed, the RSC was happily decorated… everything ready  to start on Monday, 16th of March 2020 … and then we had to close!
Looking back, I recognize all the effort that we have made since then. We have met so many students (each one with its own story), we have faced many challenges and tried always to respond in the best possible way. There was also time for laughs, meals, shared stories, mutual help.
I leave the last factsheet for you to have a look to the data of our ILC. But this post is an emocional report of the last year, so intense that sometimes it seems to me that it  has been a year of 30 months!

We will continue working with the same enthusiasm for social justice.