On June 22nd, YMCAThessaloniki held an event called “Base Figure and Cleansing Water” in the YMCA  park, which aimed to raise awareness about water pollution caused by plastic. Parents and children participated in this fun and creative event, organized by the YMCA Thessaloniki programs “Together as a Family” and “Brotherhood of Cultures”,  supported by YMCA Europe and kindly sponsored by the company Veluda.

Children from all backgrounds but especially from Ukraine had the chance to paint on the bodies of volunteers who represented the sea. They left messages in the form of letters, paint and drawings, with lots of color and lots of joy. Attendees were offered delicious catering and refreshing drinks, as well as some beautiful bottles sponsored by the company Veluda. Should we remark that one of our volunteers was from Ukraine.

“The body offers and offers itself. As a canvas, it becomes the basis to get our message across. The body is nature, it is all of us, it is wounded and healed only by giving,” said Foteini Mouratidou.

Overall, the event was a great success in raising awareness about water pollution and the importance of protecting our planet. YMCA Thessaloniki is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and encouraging the community to take action towards a better future.