On March 23, along with 50 refugees, we visited the Anel Honey Park at Neo Rysio.  We had the opportunity to come in contact with the bee’s life and the beekeeper’s   profession. Furthermore, we collected honey form frames and learned how the beekeeping products are promoted to the market.
The children and parents beneficiaries of RE.A.C.T program have met the beekeeping magic world. An entire working mechanism with the queen, the daggers, the workers operates perfectly and harmoniously to produce honey,  pollen, royal jelly, wax.  All needed is to wear beekeeping costume and to love nature. In turn she will repay that love  with reciprocity ..

Our educational activity in the beekeeping park is part of our effort to bring refugees into contact with professions that thrive in our country and are associated with the virtue of patience, inspiration and love for the environment. The bee itself is known for its hard work and became the living example for aspiring Syrian beekeepers.

Anna Magdalini Argyri