The REACT program at 2019 was changed a lot by following the needs of beneficiaries. At the beginning of the year, we faced  with some difficulties, but with hard work we achieved all of our goals.





At  the middle of the season, the  weekly schedule was redefined and added more workshops.  For the first time, was happened the first summer amussement for our beneficiaries. For 5 weeks the participants occupied with creative workshops and activities



At the end of the summer,  YMCA offered the opportunity to our children for summer holidays at the mountain, at the Educational Center of Nymfaio. From 3 to 7 of August, we had the most amused days, full of new experiences and emotions.





On October, the working hours were changed, in order to be more convenient to our beneficiaries. New workshops,  creative and athlete activities include in the weekly schedule. Smoothly we reached the end of the year and we continue for another year with the promise of learning more often our news!