#WorldArabicLanguageDay today the 18th of December!

At DIA-drasis we celebrate multilingualism and we play with common words among languages, we learn new words and we appreciate everything that unites us!!!

That’s why we couldn’t miss to commemorate this date. Arabic Language is the language most common spoken by refugee children at DIA-drasis. The event was established by UNESCO 8 years ago in tribute of celebrating multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six official working languages of the organization. Arabic was approved in 1973 as an official UN language.

Here is the message for 2018 celebration by Director-General of UNESCO.


The surprise of the day was the visit of Junior-High School Mandoulides students that experienced multilingual puzzle games and played with common words between Greek and Arabic languages. Many thanks to Evina Dimitriadou-Badawy, Arabist and teaching staff of DIA-drasis, who compiled a list with such words and guided all of us to an introduction in Arabic language.