The efforts to support activities at DIA-drasis Child Centre are huge and rely a lot on the good will of people that offer their services and donations without second thoughts! To provide quality learning experiences we reached out to members of YMCA Thessaloniki and we got more than we wished for…

It was a special day for DIA-drasis!

On Friday afternoon, 10th of May, we experienced a very moving moment! Members of YMCA Thessaloniki visited DIA-drasis Child Centre bearing precious gifts!!! Necessary materials and equipment that covers, such as a washing machine and other kitchenware, a lot of sanitary products and some snacks and treats for the children were donated, and this was only the start of an initiative to support the Child Centre by members of the YMCA folk-dance group (Λαογραφικός Χορευτικός Όμιλος ΧΑΝΘ). Special thanks to Dimitris Domvris, dance instructor and head of the group, as well as Christina Kofti-Domvri and all the volunteers for the help! Special thanks, also, to the Head of the Refugee Committee of YMCA, Julie Vrohidou, who motivated this initiative and made it possible!

Apart from the mentioned above, it was a great honour for us to have as guests Dimitrios Ganakis, 1st Vice President of the YMCA Governing Board, Paris Gavrielides, Head of the Committee of YMCA full members, Eleftherios Vrohides, member of the YMCA Financial Committee, and members of the YMCA Refugee Committee, Ioannis Vouharas, Iordanis Zafeiriadis and Akram Elgof. Everybody shared thoughts and warming words that were overwhelmed with positive feelings!