Re.A.C.T organized an event to celebrate the start of the school year. The event took place at the Pasa’s Garden, on September 10th.  We met up here in order to learn more about school. It is important for children to understand that via the school can make  new friends and meet people with different culture.School is a stepping stone for a new beginning.

Clown and stilt-walker made the atmosphere at the event amusing.  Children gazed at the place and wondered about the next activity. The place was full of temptations. It was difficult to choose. The book-maker showed them how easy is to create a notebook, after the presentation the kids created their own notebooks. They learn about recycling by playing games. Also, the children between 12 to 16 had the opportunity to learn things about their work orientation. The kid’s chorus of Child’s Asylum sang for the Re.A.C.T’s  beneficial.

Finally, the staff of Re.A.C.T was there to support the event. It was very important and useful the aid of voluntary staff.
Re.A.C.T wish to have all the children a wonderful and constructive school year.

Maria Vouchara